17 WordPress Plugins to help you create SEO-Friendly Website

17 WordPress Plugins to help you create SEO-Friendly Website

Hiring a SEO expert all the time for a single website doesn’t sound cool. It only increases the cost of your website. And you can’t be sure that a miracle would happen once the expert will handle your website. Moreover you yourself must take care of your website’s SEO stuff.

Are you wondering how? It’s obviously not an easy task but also not impossible. There are many tools and techniques that can help you strengthen your site’s online visibility.

As per my experience, I have found some plugins really helpful to create SEO-friendly website. I was amazed to see how well they worked to enhance search engine ranks. So I want to share my favorites with you. You may probably find them helpful.

Yoast SEO

Wow optimizing site for WP, what the heck is this? Can’t play with the codes, what are the options I have to optimize my blogs for Search engines? Your call is accepted. Yoast SEO offers you a better platform for generating traffic to your site by optimizing your WordPress SEO



Basically, you don’t need to dig deeper into advanced tab. If you can play around with three elements highlighted above, it’s more than enough.

Let’s pull of the data and create a easy meaning into its easy to use interface and flexible functionality:

  • Snippet preview– You can preview how your blog looks in the search engine results and refine its title, Meta description and overall content.
  • Page analysis– It analyzes your webpage to ensure that you have used focus keyword adequately in the proper way.
  • Technical SEO– It helps you with permalinks, Meta tags, link elements which are necessary for making your website visible to search engine
  • Social integration– It is strongly integrated with the social media as well. There is Facebook OpenGraph implementation and also Google+ sharing tags in the near future.
  • Meta and link elements
  • XML sitemaps
  • RSS Optimization
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Multi-site compatible
  • Import and export functionality etc.


All in One SEO

Another lion in the SEO forest is All in One SEO. It is another useful tool to optimize your website automatically for search engines like Google, Bing etc.

As its name speaks, it is a single plugin for all SEO functionalities. It also has a XML Sitemap support which can be downloaded freely from its feature manager tab.



When I’m working with All in One SEO, I like to make few changes like in the screenshot above. I like to change the formatting of title tags because I don’t want my every post to have the blog title at the end.

Besides, it works superb with Google Analytics support, advanced canonical URLs, fine tune Page Navigational Links, built-in API, Nonce Security, automatic optimization of titles for search engines and meta tags etc.

Very importantly it is only plugin to provide SEO integration to e-Commerce websites. It is made for everybody and anybody. Just installation of the plugin will start working out of box which is a cup of tea for even the beginners. It is compatible with many other plugins you need in your website.


Google XML Sitemaps

To offer crawlers an easy navigation to your site, you need a sitemap. Xml Sitemaps create a special sitemap that helps your website get quick indexation. For the similar purpose, Google XML Sitemaps is designed.

The plugin has an easy configuration & works well with all WordPress blogs and custom URLs. It gives notification to all the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com etc. each time a new content is created in the site.


XML-Sitemap-Generator-AccessPress-Themes-1 WordPress

What this Plugin does is it lets you add sitemap to virtual robots.txt file. so you don’t need to play around with the codes. You can also tell the plugin if you need HTML version of your sitemap.

You can also check on the elements you want to include in sitemap.


It is indeed an amazing plugin because it does what it is made for. You will really love it for no any harms to your site.


SEO Friendly Images

Images are important part of SEO campaign… But the sad part is Google can’t read images. So you need to define it to Google from alt tags. But it will no longer be a cause of your headache because SEO Friendly Images will do it for you.




SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress plugin which automatically updates all the images in your website with appropriate ALT and title tags. This plugin also makes the post W3C/xHTML valid. By doing so, it makes your website stronger for the SEO purposes.


Media File Renamer

Are you giving your image file gibberish names? Then you need to stop right now. You need to optimize your image files taking both users and spiders into consideration.

An image file with a value *007845.jpg sounds weird to me as well to the bots.. But if you rename it to something *social-media-plugin.jpg, it makes more sense.. And also carries more weight.

If you have a site that has 3/6 pages, you can easily download the files, rename it and upload it once you are finished… But if you have a site with 100 or 1000 pages, you wouldn’t fall for the hassle.

So here is a solution – Media File Renamer.

This plugin is so easy to use as it starts to perform the time you hit the install and activate button. Now once you have activated the plugin, go to the media tab, you will come across something like this:



Flagged media are the files that can’t be renamed during plugin installation. Now hit the two buttons and you are set to go.

However if you don’t like to rename every single image, you also have an option to select individually. Just click on scan all and show issues tab. You will enter into something like this:



I guess you are smart enough to know what you need to do now 😀


WP Smush

The name of this plugin ‘WP Smush‘ truly reflects its identity. Yes it completely smashes big images and compresses it into small ones. You can compress files up to 1 MB in the free version but a premium version lets you crash the 5 MB shits.

It is designed keeping in mind that search engines love the sites which load faster and image size really matters. It trims the heavy images without losing the quality and helps you to make your website fast loading.

It is an auto-smush tool which compresses JPEG, GIF and PNG image files automatically as soon as you upload and also the existing images in your site.




After you install the plugin, hover around the media section and click the wp smush tab.
Now hit the bulk smush now button. You will get something like the screenshot above when WP smush is finished with its job.


BJ Lazy Load

BJ lazy

This is 21st century not the time when your daddy started to put on his pants. You need a freaking fast website to get your reader’s eye rolling. An average speed would be 3 seconds. Any more than that means you are losing good chunk of business.

According to kissmetrics four- to five-second differential is costing retailers billions.

BJ Lazy Load is a WordPress plugin that makes your site load faster and search engine friendly. Because search engines love the sites that load faster, you need to accelerate the speed of your website. It simply replaces post images and thumbnails, gravatar images and content iframes with a placeholder to load the content faster. It also scans embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos.

I like to keep the BJ Lazy Load configuration as it is because that’s how it has worked best for me. So just install it and you are good to go.


W3 Total Cache

If you are working on totally static site which means you don’t have to update regularly, leveraging cache is a must… but if you are on a site like theme selling company that needs frequent updates, I wouldn’t recommend using cache to improve the site speed. You can easily compress and minify your CSS & JavaScript files with this must-have plugin.

W3 Total Cache is a WordPress plugin which improves user experience and page speed of your website. It increases server performance, reduces the download times and provides transparent/clear content delivery network integration. By doing so, you can get your site performance improved by at least ten times that matters a lot in the Google ranking of your site.



WP Super Cache

Recommended by WordPress itself and with over 1 million active installs, WP Super cache is an amazing plugin. It is a very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files from your dynamic WordPress site.

Such html files are served to the vast majority ( almost 99%) of the users who are not logged in, who have not left comment in your blog or who have not viewed a protected post.



I have seen this plugin working absolutely brilliant with total cache and BJ Lazy Load joining the hands. But if you can’t use cache plugin, the combination of autoptimize and BJ Lazy Load does the job just like you have wished.

Autoptimize is a WordPress plugin that increases the speed of your website and helps you save bandwidth by compressing JS, CSS and HTML files.

This tool links all scripts and styles, minifies them, caches them and moves styles to page head, and scripts to the footer. It compresses HTML files automatically and helps you to improve the speed of your site.

After you activate it, go to your site and seek for the source code. You will see autoptimize link coated on the link tag

Bravo your files are compressed. Job well done.


WP Clean Up

Wow I must say this plugin is way too easy and has made my life lot easier. Large or non-optimized database is a red flag. You don’t want to add too much load on database as it leads to bad load time. Say Hi to WP Clean up.



WP Clean Up helps you to remove the unnecessary stuff from your website in a few clicks and keep your WordPress database clean. You can easily remove revision, draft, moderated comments, spam comments, orphan postmeta etc. so that you can save a lot of space of your MySQL database. This plugin is invaluable for making your website lightweight and so SEO friendly.


SEO Smart Links

A smart SEO expert truly understands the value of internal links. Internal links or links to your own sites not only helps in establishing site architecture but also has positive influence on Search engine rankings. How? A well-documented link structure can pass link juice to deeper pages that need a kick-on.
For the smart SEO experts, SEO Smart Links is an incredible tool. It is an amazing WordPress plugin which automatically links keywords and phrases in your posts and comments on your blog. It also allows you to set up keywords, URLs and nofollow attribute. You can install this plugin for a lot of SEO benefits.


Broken Link Checker

Whether you have an old site or fairly new site, broken link checker saves your day! Without you even noticing, you may have various internal and external links that are broken. To rectify this problem, comes the super hero Broken Link checker. It is a plugin that detects the broken links in your posts, comments and other content, and notifies you.



It will give you information about broken links through the dashboard or by emails. You can keep your website up-to-date, so highly searchable.

You can also select or deselect the areas you don’t want broken link checker to make the crawl.



Found the broken links? Now what? To get the efficient value from your broken links you need to re-direct it to appropriate paths. This way you will secure the link juice and authority wasted on broken links. Here is a plugin to help you at this time- Redirection.

Once you have install the plugin, go to the tools section and click Re-direction tab. You will have this page:



Now re-direct the broken links and get the lost juice.

Note: Too many redirections are not good from SEO perspective. So limit it as far as possible.
And don’t make a long thread of Re-directions.

OnePress Social Locker

200 Authority Domains Accepting Backlinks Webris

Does this looks familiar to you? OnePress Social Locker is one genuine way of building followers or shares to your blog or site. People are hunting down the web for messages and information. And if it cost just one like or one tweet to get to the treasure trove of information. Hell yeah they will do it.

For example I come across this blog of Ryan – 200+ Authority Domains accepting backlinks… And he had this social locker on the excel version of the list. I simply shared it and bang!

It’s a win-win situation for everyone, right?

The configuration if pretty simple and straight-forward. You install the plugin and social locker box will appear on your admin panel. Simple go to new locker and create item. You will see this:



Just edit the section the way you want to. And hit the publish button. Now go to All lockers and copy the short code:


Now paste it into the post editor section which you want to lock. Happy sharing!



As Google has started indexing twitter at the rate of nuts, I believe social signals will have a big part to play in SEO rankings. But even if it doesn’t boost your rankings, it helps to build trust among your readers.

Sumo me plugin with its complete feature of list builder, share counter, welcome mat and many more is a goldmine for site owners.



SumoMe makes it easy for your website users to subscribe emails, share your content in the various social media and optimize your website. With this tool, you can easily double your email subscribers, blog readers, content shares and finally drive more traffic to your website.


WP Ultimate Social

There is a new beast in the social market. It is a single plugin for your A to Z social needs- WP Ultimate Social. It is a package of mainly seven social features (social login, social share, social counter, pinit buttons, Twitter feeds etc.).

This plugin helps you to increase fan engagement, make your WP content viral and drive traffic. It will alone handle all of your website’s social part.

It is very easy to use plugin which takes you just a few clicks to setup and configure. It is fully responsive and lightweight plugin.



Search engines today love the quality content and user experience than anything else and ever. First thing you must do is creating quality content and then make the user experience better for better search engine ranks.

For the same purpose, the 17 plugins I mentioned above can help you remarkably. I recommend you to have some of them but you may not probably need all of them.

There can be more plugins that you have found surprisingly helpful in SEO. Feel free to comment your favorite plugins below and help me extend my list. I would also love to hear your review on these plugins after use.


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