Search Savvy Technician: 3 Skill Set that Makes you the Best

When I landed my first internship as a developer, I had absolute no clue on how the search engine worked.

There were bunch of technicians always using some complicated words.

Well. every word looked intriguing to me for obvious reasons.

But, as I got more sunk in the technical world, I started to get a good grasp of search marketing.

Now, I can’t call my self as an expert, as there is way more path to cover

But, I did had a share of my struggles on being the SEO expert in Nepal. And, this has given me a health experience & skill set that I believe you must have to be called yourself as a professional.

So, let’s dive in.

Technical Understanding

Now, technical doesn’t mean you must know how to code and build a website from the scratch. But, you must at least know how the web development functions. You must learn the most common trends going on the development phase. A lot of websites nowadays are built in WordPress. So, you must know how it works. If you don’t know about it, you can easily read some tutorials and get a good understanding about it.

Trust me, it’s that simple. If you want to do SEO for clients, be prepared to handle some static sites as well. There are still businesses who have lame static sites built on plain HTML and CSS. If you don’t know how to use it, you are going to have a big time trouble managing the site.

You also need to get friendly with different technical SEO terms. Understanding how accessibility and crawlability works can give you a slight edge over the guys who have no understanding about it.

Learn to use robots.txt, hunt down the error pages, correct the URL structure.

Link Building

Yeah! another cliche

Who doesn’t know about link building right?

But I’m going to sneak in a needle on your balloon minded brain. You might not know this, but there are agencies and freelancers who consider link building as a joke.


Because I have been with many of them. And, what I have seen is when it comes to link earning, they follow the easy route.

They go with the traditional method of building backlinks. They search for directories, profiles, social bookmarks, and comments. Now, I’m not denying that they are bad links. Yes, they certainly are the links that will diverse your link profile and keep you safe if you do everything right.

However, they aren’t what I like to call – “Difference Maker.”

What does that mean?

They don’t have the potential on themselves to rank your website big time. They don’t help you build authority and certainly not traffic.

Yes, comments can help you get traffic if your comment is that good. But, who are we lying to, right?

So, what should you do? Engage more on the community. There are great minds and underground experts that you can find in various groups on Facebook. You can learn from them and how to build links.

Don’t be afraid to try the strategy no matter how stupid it looks at first. Understand the goal you are running after.

Some of the common link building strategies are guest post and content marketing. But, the most amazing links come from building relationships. This is why I said it’s best to engage in the community.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

You will never be able to win a race if you can’t define the race. This is the theory of CRO. Every work should be defined with a goal. Why do you do web development? To create a website or system, right?

Similarly, why do you run a business? To get enough leads to lay food on the table.

This is why you must have a definite skill of conversion rate optimizer. You must be an experimental genius.

There should always be two options that you need to place in the funnel. If this doesn’t work then this should.

It’s like coding. If this statement matches then great, if it doesn’t then this should be the other code that should function.

When it comes to conversion, even the tiniest mistake can be a turn-off. For instance, a user who is in hurry can get pissed with your redundant Christmas ads. Time your ad to perfection.

You should have an eye of a user. Never think the website is perfect just because you think so. Think it as how a user might see it.

Keep you expertise inside you and take it as a layman who doesn’t know anything. You will get better answer.

Wrapping Up:

So, there you have it. The 3 essential skill sets you must have to be called as one of the experts in the field. Get your expert inside of you together and start working on these side of skill sets.

About Author:

Amin Ghale is a SEO expert and web developer from Nepal. You can always contact him by simply filling up the small contact form..


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