Landscape of SEO and Digital Marketing in Nepal

Landscape of SEO and Digital Marketing in Nepal

Nepal the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam (AKA Gautam Buddha) has always been renowned for it’s diversity in culture, traditions, ethnicity.

Most of them all, known for its long range of beautiful mountains and hills. The source of income for Nepali people has always been the tourism industry.

But, wait aren’t we talking about digital marketing and web technologies today??

Oh yes we are.

The word digital marketing or any web solutions like web design is slowly growing in Nepal.

This market that has taken the whole world by storm only started to gear up from late 2010.

Before that, there were hardly any competitions for web market.

I still remember 2004, when my brother tried to lay a foundation of web solutions in Nepal, people used to stare him down.

…Because the business used to be done from word of mouth or entering right into the shop.

Unlike today, where technology has evolved so much that transactions are done via online, time during past decade was miserable.


So, where does SEO and digital marketing stand by.

I would say we are still lacking behind..

Our view of selecting the items with our own eye proves the fact that online world has a good round of run left to succeed in Nepal.

Most of the IT companies, depend upon outsourcing. Simply, they get works from european countries and the less paid manpower does the work.

Although, the quality of work is questionable, this is how the company functions here.

Google gets over 2 trillion searches annually. But if you have to pick out searches from Nepal, there will be less than 0.0001 figures.


Because people are still not into Google in Nepal as much people are outside Nepal.

Having said that, there are business that rely on web solutions and digital marketing in the country too.

In kathmandu, I see most trekking business are into SEO and digital marketing.

However, these are the ones who target customers outside Nepal. So, that can be another point too.

What I see is people are more into social medias in Nepal. Social media like Facebook and Instagram has been a marketplace for various business owners.

You will find people selling T-shirts to luxurious items like “thanka” in Facebook.

One of the convincing part is that I got one call for SEO on Ecommerce website from Nepal. So, my assumption is people are learning about digital marketing slowly.

Well, I don’t have the magical brains that you see in supernatural movies. So, I can’t predict the future right away…

I wish I had one.

But, what I can see from the small footprints is that the market is slowly growing now.

And, the people that neglected the online business proposition a decade back have realised the value of internet.

So how is the future of digital marketing here?

Although my heart and brain wants Nepal to grow in the field of IT and technology, I still believe it will take over 10 years to reach to the place where most countries are.

Even the country is full of talented digital marketers. Some of them have their own successful blogs while many work for different ventures.

I see this as the main issue here. SEOs here follow the same ole traditional rules over and over again. Directory and social bookmarking are the only two things they do when it comes to link building.

While link building is the most primary task of SEO landscape, it’s hard to believe people aren’t aware of various link building tactics. And, although they are aware, they don’t put it into practice.

Well, because it’s time consuming and the managers that hire them don’t really want to spend money on anything.

I have been into 5 companies and have found the same thing over and over again.

Managers = Fuc$$ng clueless. They think you do SEO, then you should rank the damn site anyhow.. God tell them, there are hundreds of SEOs fighting for that spot on Google. So just chill.

Okay, I guess I ran out of emotions. The answer is simple: There is a future in digital marketing in Nepal. But for now, it doesn’t look that sound for every SEOs.

The smart ones like me (ding :D) will make the living out of selling PBN links, building affiliates etc. But for many SEO is just another job.

I really believe people should get off their boss’s pant and do something. They have been given a wonderful market. Blogging has changed life of numerous people. And, you can be one of those.

What you need is just a CHANGE..
So this is it. If you have any questions shoot me up on the comments. And, if you need SEO service in Nepal or web design solutions, you can contact Amin Ghale.

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