How LinkedIn Made me $1000 in 3 Days

How LinkedIn Made me $1000 in 3 Days

How would you feel when you receive a money making note everywhere on your mail & social freaking sites? Don’t know about you but my first reaction was “WOW.”

How did that happen? I literally didn’t have any idea because I wasn’t selling myself for any sort of money making programs. So how did I make it?

Simple answer is LinkedIn.

I’ll get back to my part of story in a bit, but let’s get into earning ways from social sites.

We hear stories of many aspiring entrepreneurs who turned their passion into money driving machine through social media.

According to statistics illustrated by Hubspot, 92% of marketers claimed that social media play a vital role in their business.Every day millions of deals are made through social portals like Facebook &Instagram.

Every day people are looking for flexible ways to squeeze out money through social networks.

However the most common would be:

  • Paid Advertising: If your social channel attracts good chunk of users, any investor would be happy to promote their content on your channel.

A simple way to describe it would be – you display my t-shirt store on your Facebook fan page… And I’ll give you an agreed commission.

Getting organic visitors is great but gathering leads with social media is awesome.

  • Affiliate Marketing: If you ask any blogger about their source of income, affiliate marketing will always be there. There are tons of social media channels that allow affiliate links to be posted within the post.

One example I recently saw was a pioneer affiliate link on Facebook group post used by a group user.

affiliate pioneer

Since Social networking platforms like Facebook, Vines, & Youtube gets into direct customer engagement, it’s not a hectic process to earn from these networks.

But how can one earn from a business oriented social platform like LinkedIn?

For most guys, LinkedIn is all about showing off their credentials to get laid to their respective jobs… And for the employers, it’s about finding the right person to the right task.

It’s amazing to know that I didn’t worked my a$$ off to get paid from LinkedIn.

I didn’t even trigger a pedal to promote my product?

Did I make into a job? A big No.

So how did I manage to earn?

Yes, you guessed it. It was simply through client acquisition.

But how can a blunt, nothing kind of blog land me $1000 bucks all of a sudden?

It was the courtesy of LinkedIn Pulse – A publishing platform that you can leverage to get more command on your voice.

As a wary content marketer, I’m always looking for better ways to amplify my content promotion efforts. In fact I give 80 percent of my time on content promotion & 20 percent on content creation.

So how would you promote your blog through LinkedIn? You may blast a link on your profile & rest is history. Well that would definitely work if you are an influencer or you have good following.

But what if you don’t have any connections or followers?

Hold on your thought. You can reach out to large audience from one portal. Yes, that’s LinkedIn Pulse. And it’s open for everyone now.

dancing baby

That was me after LinkedIn opened its publishing door for everyone.

Instead of blasting links after links on my profile, I prepare a unique blog or syndicate the content from my existing site.

I went for the second one. I published a blog on keyword sources on my site. Then put on my content promotion boots.

Although the content syndication program didn’t go viral for me, it landed attention of few prospects for me.

And after a while, I got messages like this all over my emails and networks.

message in linkedin

Based on my one pulse publication, they had an offer for me. And the task was an easy picking. They wanted me to work on keyword research for their big project.

As I had a good experience with keyword sources, it didn’t took me much time to build a sound list of keywords.

And Bam! I got $500 each from two major companies within 3 days. Not bad for a start, right?

keyword-research-price.jpg 738×661


So how can you do the same? Follow these two step module and you are set.

marketing cone

1. Create Content that Sells:

I freaking hate talking cliché. But that’s the story on any world. There are two ways you can make your content a consuming machine. Either you make it completely unique, or add more fluid to the existing one.

Always have something from your table. Don’t just come up with research and start writing on your own words. Sometimes having couple of your own ideas can create a magic.

Like on my blog on keyword sources, I had Google Books and Yahoo ads. They are often neglected by experts. And it wasn’t written by any keyword finders. So that turned out to be the magic for me.

Always have some extra of your own to give a taste of uniqueness.

I will not go full-detail on this as I have lined up an extra blog for this… But if you are struggling to write good/epic content you may want to refer to these blogs here and here.

If you want more convincing answer, you can hire a professional writer on upwork easily. Make sure that you go for a writer that has an average rating of 4. Anything less than that is compromising on quality for price.


2. Give Your Content More Air to Burn:

What happens when you blow air to coal? It ignites. We call it wind energy. But giving air to content refers to giving extra on promotion.

Until & unless you are an influencer, don’t expect anyone to come to your blog after you publish your post. The less-known you are the more energy you have to put on content marketing.

There are various ways to do content promotion. But for the sake of this post, I’ll be specific to LinkedIn.

So posting content on LinkedIn pulse is a kid’s game. A simple control C + Control V can do the business for you. But to make the content more efficient, I like to keep an information gap in my pulse post.

Don’t post every single thing on LinkedIn. Offer a squeeze page kind of call to action to the bottom of the post.

People love to fill information gap.

So if you keep them guessing by offering 7 untapped sources… And asking them to visit your site for more additional sources, they will definitely go to your site. This way you entice people to visit your blog.

Also feel free to promote your LinkedIn pulse post. You can make it more effective by using If you don’t know what is you may want to check this guide here. And see how you can use to drive more traffic toward your post.

So this is the exact module I follow every time I sit on the chair to write.

Have a content marketing motto like – [Tweet “Eat, Write, Promote, Sleep, & Repeat.”]

Is Content Syndication Bad for SEO?

Many experts have speculation surrounding the re-publication of content. Primarily, due to Panda headache circumventing the SEO world, many would say “No” to content re-publication or syndication.

So why would I go for content publishing platforms? Because I want to achieve these 3 objectives with it:

  • Amplify my audience reach with a minimal effort.
  • Build trust and authority on my blog.
  • Promote content on the LinkedIn groups without having to leave LinkedIn.


As far as duplication is concerned, I’ve never found it to be an issue. I have always been a firm believer of data driven answer than a theoretical ones.

keyword sources Google Search

And the test like this gives me a hint that G has no problem with content syndication or content publishing platforms.

Besides, I have seen my ranking grow from N/A to 5 now for the term – keyword sources. And I’ve barely build any links to it.

Yes, it’s a low competition keyword but I have to admit that building authority and traffic from content publishing and syndicating platforms has helped the post grow immensely.

So LinkedIn has not only helped me earn money but has helped me get noticed among its highly influenced audience.

This is my take on LinkedIn. What’s yours?

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