111+ Free SEO Tools

111+ Free SEO Tools

I got deep into the SEO ocean a couple of years back.. At that time I was trying to take the “Batman way.” Trying to do it everything on my own. That’s how you learn new things.

Or at least that was what i thought…

But it didn’t take me long to realize that even the batman has his weapon arsenal. Now an online marketer doesn’t need a Grappling Gun for sure… But you still need few more or less softwares and SEO tools to ease your task.


free seo tools for everyone


When it comes to SEO tools, I’ve always seen one common problem — Investment dilemma.

Investment dilemma arises when you are not sure if the tool is the right investment. Or when you know that it’s the tool you want…

…however you don’t have budget to sustain it.

That leads you to do two things:

#1: You look for the alternatives but a little cheaper or heck you may want it free.

#2: You may be – Oh Crap! who cares I don’t need it.

If you fall under the category one I have got you covered. Whether you are a marketing guru or just starting a blog, below is a list of 111+ free  SEO tools that can be your next alternative.

I’ve categorized these tools under various categories. So feel free to the tools of your choice.

Keyword Research[tline]

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the major tool for keyword research.. And probably the most famous one too.

As you search for a keyword, it provides a list of related LSI and long tail keywords with the number of times they were searched. With the help of this sleek tool, you will get a brief overview on which keyword has the great offer tendency. If you find the competition and estimated bid high, it’s most likely a keyword with buyer intent.

Keyword Planner

Official Link:



Answer The Public

This has to be one of the most simple but effective keyword research platform I have ever bumped over web… And one of my favorite. Answer The Public is prepared to answer your customers with all the probable questions they would ask you.

Just enter a simple keyword and get a number of queries your consumers have pops out. Such a suggestion not only helps you find the best keyword but it also lets you create a more useful content for your website.



Official Link:



Google Search Console

Although Google Search Console function is to connect with the data and configuration of your site, there is one feature that offers the umph factor. Under the search analytics, there is a simple keyword mechanism that gives you all kinds of data related with impressions, queries, and CTR.

These are the queries that people actually put in the search box to search for certain things. You may want to create a certain page or post around these keywords.

Cool tip: You may also tweak your on page content or page titles revolving around these keywords to enhance a boost on rankings.

Keyword Planner


Official Link:


Google correlate

Google Correlate comes from the Google itself. Google Correlate is an awesome keyword research tool that suggests the potential keywords that people may search instead of the one you typed. It displays all of the similar terms with the real time compared data of how often the terms were searched.

weight loss Google Correlate


Official Link:



Google Trends

Google Trends give you a historical and regional interest overview of a keyword and also suggests the related searches. It is very necessary to study the keyword interest before switching it in your website content as a dead keyword kills your site’s SEO and visibility.

Google Trends


Official Link:


SpyFu (Freemium)

Spy the strategies of most successful competitors and improve yours to stand strong in the competition. SpyFu gives a historical overview of keywords any site bought on Adwords, every organic rank and every ad variation in the last 9 years. It is a complete tool for SEO research and PPC research.

SpyFu Keyword Research Tools Keyword Overview diet plan


Official Link:


Do you want me to do keyword research for you?

Check out my Fiverr gigs and let me help you find best untapped keywords.


SEMrush (Freemium)

SEMrush is a very useful keyword search and keyword analytic tool. It helps us know the keywords for which the site is ranked in Google and also insights into the competitors’ strategies.Unlike other keyword research tools, it lets you focus on the keywords that your competitors are ranking for. And if you have a strong authority on your niche, you can definitely outrank them with better design and content.


Official Link:



Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner that offers 750+ Google long-tail keyword suggestions for free. It uses Google Auto complete to generate hundreds of keywords you might be searching. It is an awesome tool for the most relevant keyword search and SEO.

keywordtool io


Official Link:



Adwords Generator, combine keywords

It is mainly a tool to generate a collection of keyword combinations for Google adwords. It provides three input boxes to insert your list of keywords. As you insert the keywords and ask to generate keyword combinations, it does in no time.

Adwords Generator combine keywords web.forret


Official Link:



Keyword Eye (Freemium)

Keyword Eye is a tool to simplify your keyword research with the visual approach. It further lets you analyze the keywords used by the competitors.



Official Link:



Keyword Revealer (Freemium)

Keyword Revealer is a perfect tool to discover low competition keywords instantly along with hundreds of untapped longtail keywords. Keyword Revealer is feature-rich with keyword brainstorming that enables you discover the specific context of a keyword use and rank tracker to measure your site rankings everyday.

Keyword Revealer

Official Link:



KeywordSpy (Lifetime Free Trial)

KeywordSpy spies and reveals the profitable keywords your competitors are using. It is an amazing tool for competitive intelligence, keyword research, ROI indicator and advanced keyword searches.

keyword spy


Official Link:



KWFinder (Freemium)

KWFinder is a cool tool for keyword search that works just the way Google Keyword Planner does. The only additional feature it has is it shows the top 10 sites that are ranking in Google for that keyword, along with their metrics. It has an easy interface to move around and check which keyword is the right fit for you.


Keyword Finder SEO Difficulty Tool KWFinder

Official Link:



Seed Keywords

Lets face it, when we do keyword research, we pull out a seed keyword and plug it into Planner. But with Seed Keywords, you can match the exact user intent. Seed Keywords helps you to discover the actual words people will type in search box, but you need a little help of your friends.

You must create a scenario for which Seed Keywords provides you a URL. You must send the URL to your friends and request them to give answer. Later, you will get a collection of keywords as replies.

Seed keyword


Official Link:




Soolve is an easy to use tool to find for keyword research. It provides a number of keyword suggestion from the major information providers in the web like Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing etc as per you choose. Study and compare the result from different engines to find the right on for you.

Soovle Let the web help.


Official Link:



Suggestion Keyword Finder

Suggestion Keyword Finder provides a number of related keywords for a main keyword. Insert a keyword and choose one of the levels (1, 2 or 3), then hit submit. You will get more keyword suggestions in greater levels. This site has a power bank of tools. You may want to check every one of them… But later 😀

seochat keyword tool

Official Link:



Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tools

Wordstream’s free keyword tools are very powerful and useful for keyword research and successful SEO campaigns. The free keyword tool, free keyword niche finder, free keyword grouper and negative keyword tool work really great.


Official Link:




Unlike many other keyword research tools, Ubersuggest gives an ultra-volume of related keywords. With the random keywords, it gives additional keywords that come in order alphabetically. It’s displays a lot; more than you expect.



Official Link:



Wordtracker Scout

It is a free Google Chrome extension for keyword ideas from any webpage. It is a huge keyword generator that lets you find out the true keywords of your kind of business. It is easy to analyze competitors’ websites and access keyword performance metrics.

Official Link:



Bulk Keyword Generator

Bulk Keyword Generator generates keywords that can be searched by people for local services. You can select a category of your business and enter location of your search, it provides maximum probable keyword suggestions.

Bulk Keyword Generator IMforSMB

Official Link:




To make the work of SEO easy, SERPStat is really a cool tool as it provides a bulky list of keywords your competitors are ranking for. It’s a kind of “steal the competitors ball game” kind of tool. Simply start by typing some keywords or domain of your competitors. And It suggests you all the related and underground keywords that your competitors are using. It also suggests you what questions may your customers ask in the search engine about that keyword.

Serpstat Analyze. Optimize. Maximize Site

Official Link:



SEO/KSP Tool by Bruce Clay

If you want to know the keyword popularity through real-time search metrics in the major search engines, SEO/KSP Tool is perfect one for you. You can ask up to 12 keywords at once and know how many times they are searched in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also displays activity, CTR, CPC and categories for the submitted keywords.

Free SEO Tools SEO KSP Tool

Official Link:



SERPs.com’s Keyword Tool ( Freemium- 30 days trial)

SERPs.com brings about cool SEO tools for for keyword rank checking, keyword research and SERPs volatility. Free Keyword Rank Checker helps you know the rank of your site for a particular keyword. You can specify the search engine, location etc for checking the keyword rank.

You can get ideas of your core competitors for that keyword with this tool. It shows up to top 250 positions for a keyword searched. Free Keyword Research Tool and SERPS Volatility are also very useful for better optimization of your blog. It can be upgraded to premium version after 30 days of full-featured free trial.

Free Google Keyword Research Tool Keywordini

Official Link:



Rank Tracking[tline]


This must be one of the coolest extension for rank checking & tracking. It offers all kinds of dynamic features that helps in tracking your site’s search position on SERPs. Make sure to enable dynamic and organic drop down options. What it does is it helps you see the ranking fluctuation of your site with search pages. As you can see in the below screenshot, it gives you live fluctuation on the rankings. To keep up to date with the rankings, you can keep the track of ranking change in an excel sheet.

how to increase site speed Google Search

Official Link:


Rank Tracker by Link Assistant

This has to be one of the most efficient and easy-to-use rank checking tool in the web today. It’s a desktop based tool that lets you track your most profitable keywords from the top 3 search engines. Grab the URL of your site and place it in the address bar. And you are good to go. The rank tracking tool will scrape keywords on the basis of data extracted from your GA… You simply have to integrate your GA account to it. And let it do the work. One of my favorite feature of this tool is its ability to guess down the not provided keyword from your GA.

rank tracker link assistant

Official Link:


Microsite Masters Rank Tracker (Freemium)

Tracking the updated ranking of the URL is made easy with Microsite Masters Rank Tracker. This tool provides daily rank tracking, every keyword performance, ROI, performance for improving your SEO campaigns. If you are small niche with a maximum of 13 keywords to track, this easy rank tracker is enough for you. You will not see the ranking status bumping on your dashboard straight away. It takes few hours to gather the information. As you can see in the image too, two of my ranked keywords are not shown immediately. Be patient enough with this tool.

Microsite Masters Dashboard

Official Link:


GEORanker (Freemium)

GEORanker is a local SEO tool provides real-time local search rankings, local citations sources etc. Rankings by cities or countries are very helpful for the small businesses or local SEOs. Search rankings nowadays can be dodgy at times. Nowadays, G’s search ranking display depend highly on your Geo location, search history, and CTR. With Geo Ranker you can see how your site ranks in different states without having to buy any proxies. Cool, isn’t it?


Official Link:



It is a Google Chrome extension to check the position of different websites for keyword. You can analyze the best performing website and its way of using keyword. This tool is also helpful to monitor the change in the keyword performance trend with time as it automatically saves the results.



Official Link:


Wincher (Freemium)

Wincher is a free rank tracking tool that provides you a report of your keywords and competitors. You just need to place your site’s URL and wait. It will grab all the related keywords for you. Now you can check which keywords are giving you the best offerings. You can also add your own keywords to make the results more precise. Some of its cool features are daily ranking updates, easy social sharing, keyword grouping etc..

Ranking — Wincher.com


Official Link:


Content Optimization[tline]



FAQ Fox is a simple tool that helps you find competitors keyword in a unique way. When you put a term in the search box along with competitors link. It pulls out every post that has the term you have searched from the competitors site. This makes your content planning as easy as it comes..

Find what your users are asking about FAQ Fox


Official Link:



Siteliner is a tool that scans your website for duplicate content. It crawls over 200 pages and tracks down top issues like broken links too. It also draws a fair comparison line with your competition on certain issues like words per content, average load time etc. Dig under the duplicate section and start making changes on the content to give unique value to your content.


 Site Report Siteliner

Official Link:



Hootsuite (Freemium)

Hootsuite is a complete social management tool connecting with over 35 popular social networks. So this is a social media management tool, then why would you want to include it in content optimization category? It’s because social media is somehow inter-related with content. A content marketing campaign becomes successful with effective social promotion strategies. And this tool lets you achieve it. With this, you can schedule messages, engage your audiences and measure ROI. It also offers an in-depth social media analytics.


Official Link:


BuzzSumo (Freemium)

BuzzSumo is an awesome freemium tool for content analysis and better SEO campaigns. You just have to enter a topic or domain, it instantly displays the winning content in the web. Now you can analyze the profitable keywords used by the competitors and improve your site’s SEO.


Official Link:


SEO Friendly Images (Freemium)

Search engine spiders can’t read the image files, so we need to give them a relevant name. SEO Friendly Images automatically is a WordPress plugin that adds ALT and TITLE attributes to your image files as per the file names, so that web crawlers can easily index the complete website content. It is very helpful SEO tool.

SEO Friendly Images Settings ‹ AccessPress Themes Pro — WordPress

Official Link:


nTopic (Freemium)

nTopic specially a tool for content relevancy. As you enter your site URL, it gives you content relevancy score with suggestions. It helps you create a quality and relevant content and drive more organic traffic. It creates a magnetic field around your main keywords. That means it hunts down LSI keywords or relevant keywords. LSI keywords gives power booster to your content. And helps search engines to better understand your site.


Official Link:


SEO by SQUIRRLY (Freemium)

SEO by SQUIRRLY is a WordPress plugin that helps you create a better content and also provides content ranking and analytics. With this plugin, you can find the best keywords, see your SEO stats and get a weekly SEO Audit. Publish your content only when you get 100% green signal from this tool, your blog will surely stand out of the crowd.


Official Link:



LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords work magically for enhancing your site’s SEO. LSI keywords with main keyword make your content be easily indexed by search engine crawlers. Sprinkle LSI keywords with your money keywords to get some SEO love. You can also use this tool for keyword research.

LSIGraph LSI Keyword Generator

Official Link:


ContentIdeator (Freemium)

ContentIdeator rescues you when you run out of content ideas. Just enter a keyword you want to feature and submit, it will provide you an awesome list of headlines available on that topic. Although it’s not reliable every time but sometimes it offers click bait headlines that never fail to impress.

Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool by SEO Mofo To make your content look aesthetically beautiful in the search engine’s organic result, your content’s title, meta description and URL must be constructed as the Google’s way of displaying. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool shows you how your website will look in the Google’s search results so that you can improve it. With this tool, you can outrank your competitors and increase CTR driving higher organic traffic back to your website. Official Link: http://www.seomofo.com/snippet-optimizer.html

Official Link:


CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer (Freemium)

To make your website content look eye-catching and powerful in the search results, headline has an important role. The headline type, selection of the words, number of words and number of characters and use of keywords determine how appropriate and powerful your headline is. With Headline Analyzer, you will easily and instantly analyze your headline from all necessary aspects. It displays your headline’s overall score and lets you preview how it looks in search results.

Write Better Headlines Free Headline Analyzer From CoSchedule

Official Link:



A poorly written, grammatically unsettled content can be turn off. Solution – hook up with Grammarly. This little tool can make a difference of having a professional writer and a write-up hand driven from a kiddo. It lets you check the mistakes you are having with your content. Look for the minor suggestions too. It can be a life saver. It also has a chrome extension to help you out with your work on any CMS like WordPress.


Official Link:



Google Docs

So you are writing about content marketing.  You have completed your research. Now what? You open Microsoft word or Google Docs… And you start writing. But wait… What if you can do the writing and your research stuffs all at one interface? That’s right. Google Docs makes that happen. Go to the tool options in Google Docs and click research. You will see a little widget floating in the right hand side corner of your Doc sheet. Type on something you need to make your content marketing post heavier like – “content marketing case studies.” And there you have it.

 Google Docs

Awesome Screenshot

Let’s get this straight. One of the most obvious ways to engage your audience is to provide content that has visual offerings. Even more to that, if you could show a step-by-step guide using screenshots of your own works, it tends to create more traction. So if you are looking for a cool light weight screenshot tool, Awesome Screenshot is the answer. With this small tool, you can also annotate your images, giving it more profound meaning.


Official Link:



Make a Meme

If you want to add a certain humor on your image, meme is the go-to-image. And when it comes to creating one, make a meme is a gem. It’s so easy to use and has tons of memes to play around. Simply choose an image, and start writing the text. Don’t forget to mark the hide watermarks button.

meme generator

Official Link:




Content and content distribution should go neck to neck. And with so much heat going around on social media, it’s vital to make a sound social media strategies. Buffer helps you achieve that. With buffer in your arsenal, you can schedule your shares or tweets. Always create some extra juices on your tweets or shared post to hack some eyeballs.

[Tweet “Sharing is just like seeding. The more you seed the more fruit you earn”]

Official Link:



It’s an ideal tool to send pings to search engines about your site. Usually ping is send to inform that your site has been updated. Though i use Search Console to tell Google about my updated content. You can use this simple tool to ping to exclusive services like blogdigger, newsgator etc.

Ping o Matic

Official Link:


Plagiarism Checker- Small Seo Tools

Search engine rankings these days depend on the quality of content and Google has been upgrading its algorithm in order to penalize the plagiarized content. There is no escape than writing a unique and quality content if you want to outrank your competitors in the search engine results. So checking your content for plagiarism before publishing is far better than being punished. Just copy and paste your site content in the Plagiarism Checker, you’ll instantly see the uniqueness of your content.

Plagiarism Checker

Official Link:


Technical SEO [tline]

Screaming Frog (Freemium)

Screaming frog is my go-to-weapon when it comes to SEO audit. It’s a website crawler that crawls like any bot out there in web. It is essential to provide every critical data of your site. You can pull out data like response codes, duplicates, and directives and export it to an excel sheet. This is an easy way to see what’s right or wrong with your site.

screaming frog

Official Link:


Webbee SEO Spider Tool

Webbee SEO Spider is a tool that does an amazing work in the technical aspects for better SEO. Just like screaming frog, it works on your desktop.  It crawls and audits your site as the search engine spiders do and provides you a complete data including keywords, schema, headings, internal links etc. The report in the tabular form makes it easy to analyze. I have found it to be quite similar to screaming frog except its graphical representation & additional features like schema tree. One of the feature that caught my eye was a small section known as knowledge base. What it does is it offers the SEO data in a way that even a noob can relate. Personally speaking, I’ve just started exploring this tool… And it’s one of the gem out there in the web.


Official Link:


Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is a WordPress SEO plugin which generates SEO-friendly sitemap for a website. It helps the crawlers to index your site easily and that helps to enhance the overall visibility of your site.

XML Sitemap

Official Link:


Lipperhey (Freemium)

Lipperhey is a cool tool for analyzing a website, get keyword suggestions, SEO analytics, backlink checking etc. It provides technical analysis, keyword rankings and keyword suggestions to boost your site’s SEO.


Official Link:



Site speed is a significant part of SEO as it greatly impacts UX. It examines the speed of the page and lets you take steps to improve the page speed. It works as the Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom and WebPagetest. It checks the part of your site that is hampering the speed of your site… And gives recommendations to amend it.


Official Link:


Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool

Spam annoys most of the website owners, probably you too are one of them. Removing spam is now easy with this free tool, Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool. Block the spammers!


Official Link:


Panguin Tool

Panguin – Yes it’s not penguin tool. A little weird. But it’s work is simply awesome. It checks if your website is up-to-date with the Google’s algorithm updates or not. Don’t want to get penalized? Switch in nifty Panguin Tool by connecting with your Google Analytics… And check if there is any traffic dip during algo changes.

Panguin Tool Barracuda Digital

Official Link:


Website Penalty Indicator

Google makes changes in its search algorithm time and again, so that organic traffic gets it real value. Google penalizes those generating traffic by spamming. Website Penalty Indicator gives you an insight into the organic traffic your website is generating and helps you make improvements in it.

Website Penalty Indicator

Official Link:


Microdata Generator

Do you have a local business? Oh then, you must love that beautiful snippets G’s SERPs creates for your business. An easy way to create is by using Microdata Generator. It helps local business owners to add beautiful structured data to their sites. Decorate your web pages with strucured data. And let Google give you the beautiful rich snippet.

Microdata Generator Making Generating Microdata Easier

Official Link:


DareBoost (Freemium)

DareBoost is a site performance checker tool which gives you a complete report on your site’s speed and quality. It notifies you the issues and improvement suggestions. It provides visually appealing audit & insightful meaning of your website.

Web Performance Report

Web Performance Report

Official Link:


ISS SEO Toolkit

ISS SEO Toolkit comprises very useful SEO tools for the web developers. It features Site Analysis module which has fully featured crawler engine, Query Builder interface, displays detailed information for each URL etc. Additionally, Robots Exclusion Module, Sitemap and Sitemap Index Module work brilliantly to help you make your site more visible to search engine bots.

Official Link:


SiteCondor SEO (Freemium)

SiteCondor SEO is a free WordPress plugin for on-page SEO and driving more organic traffic to your website. It provides a weekly report on various site metrics including the errors and suggestions for improvements. The metrics include resources and pages, broken links, redirects, missing titles, meta descriptions, H1 headings etc. It helps you wonderfully optimize your content quality.


Official Link:



Rmoov is a perfect tool for removing bad ( spammy, low quality) links that are occupying your sites backlink profile. It adds a list of URLs, pulls contact information of each domain and keeps checking them. With Google Disavow tool in the place, you can easily filter your backlink profile in a minute or so.


Official Link:


Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator

It is a free tool to check if you have a valid sitemap. An easy put and get tool to evaluate broken links & response codes of the URLs in your sitemap.

Map Broker v0.1 XML Sitemap Validator by iPullRank

Official Link:


Quick Analysis and Testing[tline]


Google Mobile Friendly Test

With the increasing use of mobile devices for browsing, making a website mobile-friendly has become an essential task for the website owners. To ensure that your website look content looks good on small screen devices, here is an easy tool from Google- Mobile friendly Test. You just need to enter your website URL, it instantly reports whether your site is responsive or not with a preview, how your site looks on mobile devices. It provides an opportunity for you to upgrade your site for small devices.

Mobile Friendly Test

Official Link:


Google PageSpeed Insights

Page loading time is important factor of SEO and Google rankings. Lightweight websites are good for UX as well. You can know about the speed of your site with this tool and quickly take action to improve your site’s page speed.

PageSpeed Insights

Official Link:


Tag Assistant

Tag assistant helps to check if the google tags used in your site has been installed correctly or not. Every now and then you will bump with messages in GA like – your tracking code couldn’t tracked. It simply means your website is having issues with google tags installation. This is where you can take help of Tag Assistant of Google to identify the bug that is causing the problem.

Google Tag Assistant

Official Link:



Browseo is a smart web app that lets you see the web from the eye of search engines spider. You can quickly get an instant overview of redirected URLs, word count, use of heading tags, internal and external links, meta tags, description etc. There is also a feature for cloaking detection. Although it is still in beta, it provides the cloaking result in one go.


Official Link:


Varvy Seo Tool

Varvy Seo Tool is a technical SEO guide for the website owners. As you enter the URL of your website, it displays domain strength, links, image seo, pagespeed etc.

varvy seo tool

Official Link:


URI Valet

This simple and easy tools lets you see which response code your web server is throwing back for a requested URL.

URI Valet

Official Link:


Moz Content (Freemium)

Do you want to see a quick overview of your site’s content at once? It is made easy to quickly audit, measure and discover content using Moz Content. Just enter a domain or a topic you want to know about and hit ‘analyze’ button, it’ll quickly display you the most popular results with their reach, links, social shares etc. for the topic you have searched. If you ask for a domain, it’ll provide a complete report including word count, topics, social share, content type, content inventory etc. See what kind of blogs (How to, list, guide) on your competitors site tends to work better. Then you can try to replicate the same content strategy for your site.

Moz Content

Moz Content

Official Link:


SEO Site Checkup (Freemium)

SEO Site Checkup is the doctor of SEO diseases on a website. Just enter your domain in the search box and let the tool do its thing. What I like about this tool is it also helps you add your competitor URL. So you can check what is going right with your competitors site that’s lifting its site on ranking table.

Official Link:



SEO & Website Analysis

It is a Chrome extension by WooRank for deep SEO analysis for any website. It provides multiple SEO benefits like traffic estimation, Alexa rank, keywords analysis, title and URL analysis etc. Navigate through each elements, and see the point where your site is lacking. It also checks critical aspects of your site like touchscreen readiness, mobile compatibility etc.


Official Link:


Plug in SEO

Are you bothered due to bad search engine performance of your site? No worries anymore… Get an expert support to fix the SEO issues in your site. Plug in SEO check your sites, looks for bugs and recommends you to fix if it detects anything wrong.

Plug in SEO Checks

Official Link:


Open SEO Stats

Open SEO Stats is a cool Google Chrome extension that gives an access to Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, backlink information, indexed pages etc.

open seo stats

Official Link:


Structured Data Testing Tool

Want to see if the micro data you have used in your site meets the G’s requirements to show rich snippets? This tool will show exactly where the source code is missing its data. Ready to validate? Yes you are 🙂

Structured Data Testing Tool     Google Developers

Official Link:


BuiltWith (Freemium)

Steal your competitors technology profile with builtvisible. You can see what are the technological elements that has been used to build a site. For instance, you can see that this site uses mailchimp on wordpress. So you know email marketing in a CMS is a must in an online field



Official Link:



Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool by SEO Mofo

To make your content look aesthetically beautiful in the search engine’s organic result, your content’s title, meta description and URL must be constructed as the Google’s way of displaying. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool shows you how your website will look in the Google’s search results so that you can improve it. With this tool, you can outrank your competitors and increase CTR driving higher organic traffic back to your website.

Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool


Official Link:



In Conclusion

So here it is..

List of free SEO tools to help you out in your SEO campaign..

What do you think about it?

Let me know in the comment section



  • yogesh sharma December 8, 2015 6:49 pm

    dear sir i need help about online marketing….

  • Asim Mughal December 11, 2015 5:54 am

    Hi Amin,

    Thanks for featuring Webbee SEO Spider in your list of SEO Tools. Keep rocking!

    • Amin Ghale December 11, 2015 6:39 am

      Webbee is something I have really liked Asim.. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

      • Asim Mughal December 12, 2015 5:56 am

        Hey Amin,

        Glad you liked it!

        Let me know if you need any assistance.

  • Florian December 11, 2015 9:12 am

    Very cool list and great, free tools. The backlink tool of http://www.backlink-tool.org/en in my opinion is the best , free backlink tool. Here you can start any number of domain queries may register or login. The data comes from Ahrefs, the best link database in the world.

    • Amin Ghale December 11, 2015 9:59 am

      I have to agree florian.. There are also tools like open link profiler that scrapes good data.

  • Sam December 11, 2015 11:18 am

    Nice list of tools, many familiar ones here! You mentioned the WooRank extension but I would say the WooRank tool is also worth mentioning, as they have a free version – I use it all the time.

    • Amin Ghale December 11, 2015 11:23 am

      Sam just wanted a tool that makes it easy for the site owners to navigate through their site problems without plugging the URL to another search bar.. But that was a good point..

  • Emma Labrador December 11, 2015 4:21 pm

    Hi, great list I would say. It can be hard to find the right one when you have a small budget especially when it comes to crawlers. I could add another one to that list: OnCrawl. That’s a semantic SEO crawler that provides actionable analytics about your onpage SEO (and it starts at 9.90euros!)

    • Amin Ghale December 11, 2015 4:41 pm

      Yes Emma! That was the whole purpose behind this post.. The Investment Dilemma. Thanks for suggesting this tool Emma.. Would definitely give a try to it 🙂

      • Emma February 22, 2016 2:28 pm

        Hi Amin
        Did you have the time to try OnCrawl? What do you think?

        • Amin Ghale March 1, 2016 6:38 pm

          Hey Emma!

          I did checked on crawl. And that was great. I’m not just being able to update the post due to busy schedules. I will do that for sure.. Thanks for the update 🙂

  • FreeOnlineSEO December 11, 2015 8:37 pm

    Hi Amin,

    You have done a very nice job of putting together a list and analysis of both premium and free seo tools.

    Thanks for adding our site freeonlineseo.org to your list.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Amin Ghale December 11, 2015 8:41 pm

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