5 things you should know before opting for SEO service in Nepal

5 things you should know before opting for SEO service in Nepal

There is a saying that whether you are buying a fish or a 1 kg potato from the market, your decision should always be backed up by a complete focused mindset.

And when it comes to making a choice for a service, things shouldn’t be different at all.

Here is why:

Because in service oriented industry, you are relying on others to work for you. And, one simple mistake can turn out to hunt you instead.

This is why there are certain criterias that you need to know before hiring a SEO service in Nepal.

Let’s find out what exactly are they:


We are SEO experts not Magicians

Simply put: We guarantee that you will get 100% satisfaction, but we can’t guarantee the level of ROI. Do we hustle like crazy? Sure, we do that. We take every project seriously. Not because our bills are paid by our clients. It’s because we love to take every challenge. And, nothing is more satisfying than seeing our works showing results.

However, we are not magicians. We can never sell our service on a lie that suggest that we will rank your website within 30 days. This is the kind of bullshit I hear everytime on cheap SEO selling forums. Recently, one client told me that one SEO guy called him saying he will rank his website in 30 days.

Well, of course if you are Larry Page, you can guarantee that. But an SEO expert can never guarantee that. And, I gave the client an honest answer – If you want to take his service, sure take it. You will find out the results yourself. Dead simple.


Never put Everything on One Basket

SEO service should be robust. It shouldn’t be limited to just organic traffic. A SEO company should be a full digital marketing agency. The company should also suggest you to always look around for various other traffic sources rather than just organic Google traffic.

Why? Because we can’t predict what Google will do Next. After Google rolled the PPC ad color change, most SEOs say that they have lost the stream of traffic that they used to receive before that.

Hence, the value of a PPC marketer has increased significantly. And, business owners are willing to spend more on adwords now.

It’s not just about adwords. You should always find the platforms where your audience hang around the most. Maybe Facebook is your holy grail. So pushing Facebook ads should also be added to your traffic channels. You get the point.


Cheap always result in Bad SEO

Well, I guess i’m a little wrong on this because there is nothing such as bad SEO. Because whether you are doing white hat way or black hat way, you are always trying to manipulate G’s algo to get your website ranked.

One thing is for sure. If you are business owner with an email or a phone number, you are more than likely to receive at least one phone call from so called SEO guy. He can be anywhere from India sitting in his chair and pushing down his cold emails/calls.

$50 for 5 keywords. Sounds familiar?? But this is the dead end. If $50 was the only budget required to be first page, Google would have been shut down in its early days.

Making things even worst, there are things like Fiverr, where people sell services for $5. What they don’t know is that they are buying something called automated service which gets your site nowhere. Well, it can get you somewhere but surely not in the map of Google.


You need to have Patience

Let me break a glass full of truth liquid. SEO takes time. It’s not a rocket science to understand that to break through first page, it will definitely take time.

You need to take your website to a position where it can stand rooted. If you are a business owner reading this, you have to understand that SEO takes time. It’s not just about building links and pulling the strings of Google’s serps. You have to make your website compliant to G’s standards too.

If you are a new website, it can take over 6 -1 year to get to the page 1 position simply because of the Sandbox effect Google levies upon a new website. And if you have been in web for like 3-4 years and build few decent links, it shouldn’t take much time to blast the first page.

However, you can never guarantee anything with the rules of Google changing every now and then. So, you need to have patience.

Also, get ready to spend some big amount of money if you need to reap full benefits of SEO.

Forget about Keyword and think about ROI

From what I have learned in my 5 years career, ROI is never certain. It can sometimes drop off and sometimes pull massive amount of leads.

However, the best way to measure a SEO campaign is through return on investment (ROI)

There are many SEO agencies that run client acquisition in the basis of keyword ranking. But, as a business owner you should know that it’s not the keyword you are interested in. It’s the stream of revenue clients are mostly interested in. If you can’t get the amount of leads and revenues your client want, you may drop off the idea of being an SEO expert.

Every now and then SEO company will come up with keywords that you have no clue what so ever. If the keyword is easy, they can easily bank you with rankings. But if the keyword is tough, it may took a whole lot of time to see the improvements. And this is where you need to ask them if they are really onto traffic acquisition, conversion rate optimisation, and ROI.

Wrapping Up

These are the 5 crucial things that you as a business owner need to know before taking a SEO service in Nepal. Always have your list of questions ready to ask your seo expert.. This is the topic we will discuss in our upcoming blog post. If you are looking for an experienced SEO expert, contact Amin for quotation.


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